World Record Holder for the Largest Camera Collection of Cameras Breaks Own Record

Earlier this month, Dilish Parekh, an Indian photojournalist and world record holder, has announced that he has broken his own world record for having the largest collection of cameras. Read on to find out just how large his collection is!

He was first recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records in the early 2000s when he had 2,634 units to his collection. Since then, the size of his collection had grown almost twice in number and as of this writing, the official count has been an astonishing 4,425.

How amazing would it be to have a camera collection like this guy!

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Had a great night at the private viewing of the exhibition on Friday, amazing turn out! The show will be on until the 6th June for anyone still interested in seeing the work on display.

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One week until the HE Exhibition!

For any of my locally followers that would be interested in seeing what I’ve been working on this year, along with some interesting work across all the departments, come check out the exhibition!

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Business cards arrived this morning :) #moo

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Spent this morning on a business course, followed by an afternoon going over exhibition details and a quick look over my enterprise. Attempt 2 @ posting my images to the printers. Tomorrows aim? Day 3 of the business course and finish my enterprise!

Exhibition date is getting close & things are slowly coming together!

Final images have been chosen and sent away for printing. Now to wait while my frames get made and images get printed!

 Mean while I’ve got plenty of annotating to do and a self promo video to make, best get a move on!

Plenty of updates will be coming in the next few weeks as my 3 year degree draws to a close..

Decision has been made on which images to use in the exhibition.

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A week off work means time to catch up with uni stuff… Starting with getting my paperwork in order

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Quick preview of what I’m working on right now.

Finished editing the images from the Warrington shoot, which took a while as I shot 13 young boys and girls in one day.

Now those are sent of to all the parents I’m making a start on the latest shoot with a lovely young girl from Caerphilly.

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Here’s a peek at something that came out of last weeks photo shoot in Warrington.

 This won’t make the final cut for this project as it doesn’t really fit, but as a portrait I really like it.

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A little something from this weeks shoots!

More will be uploaded to my Flickr as they are edited so keep an eye out!

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